Opportunities on Tap: Sire Records/Warner Bros Records, Rush …


If you’re an up and coming music artist and you’re not on ReverbNation, then you might want to get your ass over there and start yourself a profile.  Not only is ReverbNation a  ‘home base’ for over 2.95 million music artists, venues, managers and lables who manage all their online promotional efforts from one place, it posts tons of opportunities for music artists on its blog.  Check out the latest posted opportunities in the music world.


“Have you always wanted your music in the hands (and ears) of record label execs? You’re one step closer to making it happen! The A&R team at Sire Records/Warner Bros Records will be scouting ReverbNation to find the most promising musical talent to add to their roster. This is not a contest, sweepstakes or promotion. . .”

If you want to keep up with the latest opportunities posted on ReverbNation, here are a couple ways you can follow ReverbNation’s latest gigs:

Twitter (@ReverbNation or @Gigs) and Facebook

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